With successful completion of 10 years of service in quality eye care to the poor and needy, PYN’s growing numbers stand as proving credentials to its service and quality. From a mere 600 surgeries in the starting year, PYN has done nearly 6000 surgeries in its tenth year, a growth which is almost 10 times, a resounding testimony to its quality. 

From 8500 OPD to nearly 57000 OPD, from just a couple of school camps to 80 plus school camps, from 4 to 350 general screening camps are some of the hectic and toiling work that has been put in by the dedicated teams of Akira Eye Hospital and PYN, which made a ten times growth in surgical numbers for the Hospital. With direct supervision and management control, Founder Trustee Dr Prabhakara Rao is ably assisted by family members, daughter Dr. Hari Priya who is also one of the Trustee and son in law Dr Indrajit, both ophthalmic surgeons. 

Currently Paramahansa Yogananda Nethralaya is in second place in performing free cataract surgeries under DBCS in both the districts. Team is aiming at reaching to First position sooner. Planned to open fully equipped Vision Centers in East and West Godavari Districts to enable primary care, free, at their neighborhood. Also extend post-surgical care without the need of visiting the base hospital every time!

Participate actively in Vision 2020 objectives to build one more floor in the Hospital to accommodate and provide high-value service to more poor and needy. Augment sub-specialties by recruiting more specialists and create critical departments like retina, pediatric ophthalmology, and extend full-fledged services in those specialties to prevent and cure the poor and needy from eye related diseases in present and future generations. Start orientation on Yoga awareness on eye related preventive programs to the employees for improving their efficiencies. Adopt to advanced cataract surgery techniques and procedures simplifying by low cost, so that it is spread to grass root level to patients are willing to visit Hospital for treatment and surgeries without bothering about financial burden.

A well trained team, be it a van driver or the Operation Theater nurse, PYN team is well aligned to the Vision of its founder and they all contribute to the progress affectionately. Adding to routine village and school camps, PYN team also reaches out to the unreached, very under privileged tribal people in their tribal villages; provide screening services and also surgeries at base hospital. Preventable blindness affects these people and their productivity making few of those into burden to the society! In these camps, team also provides free spectacles for vision corrections too.


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